Back on Track #update

Hey guys! Sorry I have been M.I.A.- It has been a crazy few weeks!

With the restaurant opening, I have been literally working like 13 hour days. Great for the paycheck but not so much for the sanity! I had planned to still blog and such in that busy time, but I quickly figured out that any extra time I had, sleep was claiming it!

It’s crazy how life really can get so busy and distracting that, unless you are super focused on where you want to end up, it could take you completely off path. I found myself the past few weeks not even thinking about getting on the road and what I need to do. Instead I was just working, sleeping, and working again. I started getting disconnected with what I truly want and getting distracted by the drama and busyness of the job…not cool. I actually had an entire day and night off (after like 14 days) and in that one day I started feeling like myself again. Remembering what I truly want out of life, connecting again with what my life needs to be about and getting back on course.

So with that all being said, I have figured out I need a deadline…a date on the calendar that I am trying to leave by. Yes, I am trying to leave as soon as possible, and I have kind of an idea of when I would like to leave, but that is too abstract. Having an actual date will keep me focused on the path I want to end up on and make sure the distractions don’t steer me off.

So, when is this great deadline? Well…I don’t know yet. Sure I could pick some day that just sounds nice, but I want to make the deadline something attainable, yet still have to hustle to achieve it. So this week I shall refocus and look over everything that needs to be done, bills that need to be paid off /down, calculate budget for all the stuff I need to purchase, figure out selling all my stuff, create a budget for the road (so I know how much I will need) , etc and decide on the date. I am putting this out there so you all can help hold me accountable. By the end of the week if I don’t have a date, call me out on it.

On a completely random side note, I have decided on a song that will mark the beginning of my adventure when I head out. What’s the song? Revolution by the Beatles. Don’t know why, but I have been digging on that song lately. I heard it again the other day and was like, “yep, when I first drive away, this will be the song”…it’s just a good groovy little driving tune….

What would your song be?


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