Setting a Deadline (and Why It’s Freaking Me Out)

So as I have been working this week to decide on a deadline, I have come to a conclusion…..deciding on a date is kinda terrifying.  Sure, it’s exciting to plan and think about when I leave, but to put a date on it…a moment in time when I am leaving things behind and taking off into the great unknown…yeah…scary.

Putting a date to it makes it “real”. I am shouting it out to the universe that on that date, my great adventure will begin…and that’s when all the questions start. What if I’m not ready? What if I can’t do it by then? Maybe I should give myself more time….what on earth am I thinking?!

And it is scary to publicly announce my deadline. I mean, if I make a deadline quietly and don’t hit it, nobody but me and Zero will know. But once it’s out there…that’s different. I feel I have to follow through and make good on that date…and once again, that’s scary!


I think this is where most people would put the brakes on this sort of dream…and where I might have in the past. It’s so fun to “think” about, but to make it a reality is hard work, lots of planning, and several doubts, fears and concerns.  I have had people message me saying the wish they were as “brave” as me and could do this.  What I tell them- I’m not brave at all…totally scared…BUT, the desire to live this way is just greater than that fear. Even with that strong desire, I still feel the fear and concerns, I just choose to keep moving through them.


So, I have kept on planning and narrowing down the date.  There are still so many variables that it makes it kinda tough to know all my expenses while on the road.  For example, my monthly budget can change quite a bit just depending on where I stay, (some campsites are free, others cost)  how long I stay, if I decide to drive/travel more (more gas), etc.  Also, I have no idea how much my food will be while on the road.  I plan on putting a menu together and listing some things I would be eating. Then I can start purchasing that stuff and eating that way now so I can get an idea of monthly cost. Anyway, those are just a couple things I am figuring out.


So, with all that being said, I am closer to a deadline. A date on the calendar that I will circle in red showing that is the moment of when this crazy idea officially starts. And as I said in my last post, I will have that deadline by the end of this week! Eeek!  Until then…have an awesome day!! 🙂


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