My Camp Flags (And Why Making Them Was So Symbolic)

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Good morning! So this weekend I was looking online at different things I needed to get for camping and came across some really cute flags that that can be used for campsite decorations.  I knew I wanted some because, even though I will be “roughing it”, I still want my site to look homey and nice.  As I looked at the flags a bit more, I thought to myself, “hmm…bet I could make my own somehow…I mean, why not try?”

I remembered that I had fabric markers so I figured that would work…just need fabric….”hmmm”…..then it hit me…

My men’s white button down dress shirt that I had to wear for work! YES! Not only would the fabric be great, and the white color would be a perfect canvas, but.. how great would it feel to cut that thing up!

To me, that shirt represented everything that I didn’t want to be part of.  It was the epitome of conformity and “just going along with the rules”. All the shirts had to be worn the same. They had to be starched and ironed and rigid.  They had to be to be buttoned all the way up to the neck and the sleeves had to be rolled all the way down and buttoned tight.  It had to be tucked in. It was meant to make you look uniform and inline with you coworkers. It was meant to hide any personality you have…any uniqueness. It was plain and stark and something I never liked.

It was super cool knowing this shirt that was meant to be ironed and starched and rigid was going to transform into this flowing, decorated, colorful, full of life, fabric that was going to be in the trees and free to blow around in the breeze….

So I made a little rectangle template, traced it on the shirt and got to cutting!


Besides being bright and colorful, I knew I also wanted each rectangle to mean something to me.  I wanted each of them to  represent something special and make them really “mine”.


The Z – This rectangle represents Zero. The Z is for her name, heart is because I love her and the paw print because…well, she’s a dog. 🙂 She’s my best friend and partner throughout all of this. Of course she had to have a rectangle!


The Sun / Flower Thing-  This has two meanings— First, since I can think of no other place I would rather be than in the sunshine, I knew I had to have a bright happy sun included. However, as I started to color this more, It started looking like a flower…lol.  Since it started looking like a flower, it reminded me of the song “Wildflowers” by Tom Petty which was one of my favorite songs back when it came out. I have just always felt connected to that song. First, I freaking love Petty, and two, the lyrics are just plain awesome. Simple and awesome. Here’s the first verse…

You belong among the wildflowers
You belong in a boat out at sea
Sail away, kill off the hours
You belong somewhere you feel free

– Tom Petty

So, it started out with one meaning, but now has two different and very awesome meanings!  Love it when things like that happen, don’t you?

Here’s the whole song if you want to listen…he rocks, and it’s a great song…so go for it…really…you wont be disappointed 🙂 


The “17”- This is mine and my son’s “lucky number”.  I was born on the 17th, my son was born on the 17th…it’s just always been “our” number.  He even has a small “17” tattoo on his finger.  Having this number around just seems like the proper thing to do!


The “D” –  The “D” if for my kiddo, Dylan. He is my kid and my heart and my joy and my everything so of course he has to be represented. I think it’s so cool and I feel so lucky that he supports me in all of this and doesn’t think “his mom has lost her mind”.  If he didn’t feel good about all of this, I really don’t think I would do it. So, it means everything to me to have his support. #myKidRocks


The Peace Sign-  This represents my hippie soul and mindset.  It reminds me to be kind, help others, focus on the things that matter, and live for the day!  Peace, love and happiness, man. 🙂

So there you have it; my flags and why they are what they are. I’m excited to take them with me and have them hang all across the US as we go!  It was super fun making them and I still have some shirt left, so if you know of anything else I can make, comment and let me know! I hate to waste the rest of the fabric! Peace! 🙂

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