My First Purchase for #NomadLife (And it was under $6!

Outdoor Products IPX6 Tested Small Watertight Case

Hey guys! Wanted to share with you all my first big purchase for my journey…lol. (Not really…the cost is under $6, but it is my first purchase so that part is true.)

It’s this cool watertight case that I found at Walmart when I was out with my mom running errands.  This solves the problem of what to do with my phone, etc when I am hiking around and it starts to rain or it’s a perfectly sunny day but I trip and fall into a river or lake…hey..I’m clumsy…that could totally happen!


The brand is Outdoor Products and it is the “Extreme Weather IPX6 Tested” version.  It has a clip on top of the case which would be great for attaching it to a backpack.  It measures about 7″ long, 5.5″ wide and 3″ deep.  It says it is watertight and not waterproof, but I submerged in water and it did not leak. It floats and the seal on it is really good.

I figured this would be great to keep things in such as my phone, matches, lighter,  a couple of first aid things, etc when Z and I go hiking around.  It’s big enough to fit quite a bit of stuff but small enough to still be handy and lightweight.


Product Info:

  • Brand: Outdoor Products
  • Version: Extreme Weather IPX6 Tested ; Small
  • Size: 7″ Long / 5.5″ Wide / 3″ Deep
  • Cost: $5.87 @ Walmart
  • Watertight (Not Waterproof- Although when submerged, mine did not leak)
  • Large single latch closure for ease and security


So, there you have it! My first purchase for my journey!  #soexcited I have since bought a couple more things and will post about those as well, so stay tuned!

Peace! 🙂

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