Learning to Just “Be”

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So, you hear me say that my main goal of this journey is feeling freedom and being able to just “be”. But what does that mean? For me, it has everything to do with time and really making it mine.  Being able to spend my time how I choose, slow down, and truly enjoy the present moment is freedom…to me at least.

I know I will settle into a routine and be able to “slow down” and enjoy the present moment eventually but, I think at first, that’s going to be a little tough.  Right now in this day-to-day life it seems as if we just rush from one event/obligation to another…always looking forward, never being in the actual moment. We set our alarms so we wake at a certain time in the morning (most times before our bodies are ready to wake), then we get up and rush around, only to keep watching the time so we are not late for school/work/etc.

During the day, we watch the clock to make sure we are not late to meetings, conferences, classes, lunch , etc. Then, in the afternoon, we start watching the clock so we can calculate and begin the countdown of when we get to go home.  When we are at home, we watch the time so it can tell us when to go to bed. Our day consists of watching the time and letting that dictate our day.

Now, I get it. We need time. Without time and schedules, things could get a little chaotic.  I am a creature of habit, so I for sure have my alarms set, and schedule for the day mapped out.  I get up early and throughout the day move from task to task just like everyone else. There are days that I don’t ever feel like I am in the present moment.

But that’s gonna change…and it will be weird…at first.

I was thinking of how my day will go when I am out.   What will that look like?  Yes, I will still have things I need to get done.  Writing blog posts, taking pictures for social media, washing clothes, replenishing supplies, etc, but it will be – for the most part- on my time.  Of course I will have to pay attention to time for things like when stores or parks close, or how much longer to my next destination, etc,  but it wont be a set schedule.

To know the day is entirely mine…that’s freedom…to me.   That is why I am doing this whole thing.  To be able to just “be”.  To be able to have my time be truly, my time.  Time really is the greatest thing you can have and it goes by so fast.  To be able to learn how to slow down and truly be mindful in the present moment is so super important; and I think it’s something very difficult to do.

I can already tell you that at first, I will still be thinking of “what’s next”.  I will be hiking only to be thinking about what time I should head back to camp. I will be eating lunch just to be thinking about what I’m making for dinner.  I will be waking up trying to schedule and plan my entire day.

But eventually I will learn.

I will learn to slow down. I will learn to be mindfully present. I will learn how to hike and notice all the different colors in one single flower. I will learn how to appreciate how the wind feels on my face. I will learn how to be still and not only see, but listen to all the beauty that will surround me. I will learn how to be in tune with the nature and the world around me.

I will learn to just “be”.










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