Disconnect from Distractions


I’m not even gong to lie…I love my phone.  I love scrolling through social media, playing little word games…playing with snap filters….I just love it.  I also love my laptop, TV and all other electronics that help me waste my time away. I am 100% in that category that can binge watch Netflix, go down a rabbit hole in social media and not realize it until an hour later, and the type pf person that always has my phone handy and near me.

Now with that being said I also am totally aware that all these distractions are just that…distractions.  They are a way to “veg out” and not really think too much (or at all). They are ways to keep me entertained without me actually having to do much of anything. And, for the most part, I totally have jumped on that bandwagon like most everyone else.

I’m not going to lie. I thought once I sold my TV, I would not watch Netflix and such as much…but that’s not the case.  I am sorry to report that even though my TV is sold and gone (yay), it has simply been replaced by my laptop. Yep, still vegging out now it’s just with a smaller screen.  I honestly thought that once my TV was gone, I would use the time I would normally watch TV and fill that time with more productive activities (I mean, I do have a ton to do!). When I didn’t, it made me realize that I am kinda addicted to my devices.

I use my devices (especially my phone) to fill my time. I use them when I am bored. I use them as an excuse to “chill out”.  Shoot, I use them when I am waiting for water to boil or I have to wait for anything longer than like 3 minutes.  Standing in line, let’s check out Twitter, waiting for my coffee to brew, let’s see who’s on Snap… Now don’t get me wrong I don’t fill up every waking moment with these distractions but I do find myself reaching for my phone a lot!

It’s kinda crazy how much we have let all these devices become such a big part of our lives.  Like, my mind now is always occupied with these distractions so it never really has time to just be still…or think…or wonder…or ponder…

Like before all these devices, it seems like when people stood in line they passed the time by talking to one another (what a concept!).  Or if you had down time, you might read a book, play with your kids, get outside, make a nice dinner…or whatever…but not just sit and stare into a screen.  It just seems like we do a lot of that…sitting and starring at screens. Computer screens, TV screens, phone screens, tablet screens…etc.  And what’s even kinda more crazy is that many of us have so many screens! We have a phone, a computer, tablet, TV…you name it. And it seems like a lot of families have all of these things for each member of the household!

That’s why I am really curious how it will be without all these devices when I am out on the road.  Sure, I will still have a phone and laptop but will not want to be using them all the time for mindless activities since I wont have an outlet in a wall that I can plug them all into anytime the battery starts to get low.  I will be using these devices more sparingly and more for necessity rather than a way to pass my time.

Now I am not judging anyone, because, like I said, I love my devices. Addicted to my phone 100%. And my laptop? Yeah, I fall asleep to it every night! All I am saying is we should really try a little harder to not be so dependent on these screens to entertain us.  Like what happened to using our imaginations and finding more productive ways to spend our time?

It will very interesting while I am out to see how it goes without being on my phone all the time. I know there will be other ways to fill my time, but I still think I will want to reach for my phone more that I should. Also, it will be very strange falling asleep to the sounds of nature and not to the voice of Steve Carell and The Office.  Although it may be kinda weird or tough at first I am excited to disconnect from these distractions and start reconnecting with myself and the world around me.

How do you do with your devices? Are you kinda addicted to them too, or can you totally put them down and walk away?

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