Thanks, Gear Aid, You Rock!

4 Tips to keep zero safe and comfortable while traveling on the road

Hey guys!  So, something I didn’t even think about at all was needing to take things with me that can help repair rips and tears and such in any of mine or Zero’s gear.  I told you…I’m new to all of this “camping” thing so I don’t know what I’m doing.  Thank goodness to Gear Aid for hooking me up and making me aware that these things even exist! Ha


I never thought I would see the day that I would be all excited over camo repair patches, but the day has come!  Still not really crazy about the camo design (just not my thing, but I’m thinking I can still pull it off), but I can imagine these will come in very handy should I rip my tent, backpack, Zero’s pack, etc.  You just peel and stick like a sticker. #easy


And I also now have waterproof sealer. Once again, never thought I would see the day this would make me happy, but here it is. This will also be great on repairs for my tent and gear. And , since it’s a huge tube I’m ready to conqueror the biggest tears that come my way!


Some of the other cool things are the boot protectant and cleaner (totally using that!), the smaller tubes of AquaSeal, and the quick attach Tri-Glide clips.  I also have Anti Fog Spray which I didn’t even know was a thing! Fog, beware!


It’s so funny how life changes and what makes me all excited now is stuff I never thought would before.  Like I am really stoked about all this new gear and can’t thank Gear Aid enough!

Disclaimer: I did receive product from Gear Aid, but they did not ask for a sponsored post. This post is because I truly think Gear Aid and this stuff is awesome and wanted to share with you. 🙂

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