What’s Going On: An Update

4 Tips to keep zero safe and comfortable while traveling on the road (1)Hey guys!  I’ve had some of you asking questions about kinda where I am with everything right now and if I’m still on track to leave in August. First, let me say, “I am leaving in August… whether I am really ready or not. LOL…Nah, for real tho…this is happening. 🙂

Luckily, it seems I am pretty much on track. I mean it’s sketchy at times and other times I’m not sure how it will all come together, but I know it will.  I still have a ton to do, but have no doubt it’ll all work out.

At this point, I’d have to say, Zero is way more prepared than I am.  She already has most of her gear (including raincoat, first aid pack, a dog backpack, a collapsible water bowl, LED collar, etc.) and just needs a couple more things. Guess it’s like when you have any other kid and how you enjoy getting things for them more than yourself.  #shesReady

Me, on the other hand…not so much.  I mean, I have most of what I will need, except the most important thing…shelter. Yep, still need to get our tent! It’s such a difficult descion.  I mean there are so many out there now. And it’s going to be my house, ya know, so I gotta make sure I get the right one! I feel like Goldilocks because I don’t want one too big or too small, or too hard to put up with just me (although Zero is amazing, she wont be much use when it comes to putting up the tent…yet). It has to be the one that is “juuust right”.  So I will keep you posted on which one I finally settle on. 🙂

Also I need to figure out a little more about where I am going when I leave..LOL!  I know what areas I want to aim for, but since this will be the first time I hit the road I want to be a little more prepared. I know I want to get some maps…like old school paper maps and map it out before I go. As easy as I get lost, I need all the help I can get when that GPS starts to fade. I might even print off a Yahoo Map or two. #dontHate  Eventually, I would like to get to the comfort level where we can just pick a direction and start driving, but I’m not there yet, so right now, eighteen different kinds of maps it is!

Oh, and I’m thinking of modifying Dante. Yep…I kinda had a brilliant idea the other day so I think I’m going to do it. That’s all I can say for now. When I do it, I’ll totally post about it so you can see!

So that’s kinda where I am. Still have a ton of stuff to do but I’m just kinda chipping away at it one day at a time. I mean that’s all ya can do, right?  If you are on InstaGram, make sure to follow me. When I modify Dante, I’ll be posting on my IG stories. 🙂  @dreadlocksandbutterflies

Less than a month to go…


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