Update and Rant About Goals

Happy Monday! It’s the 13th and if you read my post about my deadline, you know that tomorrow is the big day I set off on my first exploration. Except that’s not going to happen. Yep, my deadline is going to have to be pushed back by a week or two.


Well, I don’t have my tent. Nope, sure don’t. And that’s kinda a big part of what I need.

So why no tent yet? Well, because I procrastinated. #truestory. But, in my defense I only did because it was such a big decision. I mean, I am not a camper…like at all. I don’t know what type of tent I need for what conditions. And I changed my mind on what kind of tent I wanted like five times. Do I want a big one that we have plenty of room? Do I want a small one that is less room but easier to manage…? I finally had to just bite the bullet and get one! I chose a smaller “insta” tent that I am hoping (fingers crossed) will be good.

On a good note, the tent has been ordered and is being shipped to me but will take another week-week and a half.

So even though I will not be heading out tomorrow for our first wandering around, I will be leaving this month (there’s only two more weeks left in August anyway so it’s not that much longer).

Now, at first realization that I was not going to meet my Tuesday, August 14th deadline, I felt a little like…I let myself down…like I was bummed I wasn’t going to meet that deadline; I wasn’t going to achieve that goal. I mean, by nature, I am a “go-getter”. I set goals and I crush them. It’s what I do. I graduated college with a 4.0 GPA, graduated summa cum laude, started my own businesses and qualified for nationals in tae kwon do…all goals I set out to crush, and did, so to not hit this was kinda weird. Then it hit me. Who cares?

Like, for real…who cares if I miss my goal by two weeks? I’m still gonna hit it. And this isn’t just a goal of “try to stay away from sweets for a week”, this is a goal to pretty much change my whole way of life. So yeah, if I am off by two weeks, I still consider that a total win.

I think we put soooo much emphasis on being a “goal-crusher”, “boss babe”, or “hustler” that we push and push and push towards our goal but then if we don’t hit it, we feel bad and sometimes even give up. But we totally shouldn’t.

I’m not saying be lazy or give up on your goals, I’m just saying that if you don’t hit them the first time, that’s okay. Breathe. Relax. You are still going to be closer to that goal than had you not tried at all so it’s still a win…you’re still moving in the right direction so cut yourself some slack. Easier said than done sometimes, I know, but you can do it. 😀

Bruce Lee Goal Quote

So that’s where I am with everything. Behind on my deadline, lacking a tent but full of happiness and determination. I will continue to breathe, smile, and move my life in this new direction.


If you’re on Instagram, let’s connect! I’m also on twitter and Snapchat @terridevore.

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