Getting My Drink On

As the date is getting closer and I’m starting to really think about what all I need to take with me obviously, water is a big one. We all know drinking enough water and staying hydrated is super important. In my ten years of being in the fitness industry and being a personal trainer, I preached about this very fact all the time! Knowing this, I for sure want to have enough water with me when Zero and I are out hiking around.
I really thought I would just use water bottles when I’m out hiking and such. I mean, I’m not a super extreme hiker or anything so I figured that would work fine. But then I started seeing more about these “hydration bladders” and started thinking that would be a way better option.
So I figure there are both “pros” and “cons” to each, but I feel there are way more “pros” when it comes to the hydration bladders.  The biggest “pro” to me? The fact that when you are hiking and want a drink you just bite the mouthpiece and violla , water.  You don’t have to stop, take your backpack off, mess around in it to get the bottle out, take a drink, put the bottle back in, put the backpack back on…you get the idea.  Since you have the mouthpiece and can just bite it whenever you want water, you would be able to stay hydrated way more easy!
So I kinda decided that I do want a hydration bladder. Next step was figuring out what would be a good one. I ended up looking around online, watched some reviews, etc and I decided on the Pioneer Hydration Bladder.
Pioneer Bear Camp Hydration Bladder
Two of my favorite things about it:
First, I wanted was one that had a big opening. This will make it so much easier for me to clean it! The Pioneer Hydration Bladder  has one of the widest openings on the market with a cool “sliding seal” so it’s totally leak proof. #winning
Pioneer Bear Camp Hydration Bladder
Second, I really like that it’s 100% BPA and PVC free! It is also has antibacterial materials so it helps block bacteria and mold growth. (Because that’s the exact opposite of what I want in my water. LOL #truth)
You can see all the cool specs about it at the Pioneer Bear Camp webiste.
I wanted to take it for a “test spin” before my trip, so I filled it up and took off into the heat. (I am in central Texas and at this time of the year, it is beyond hot…figured if it could keep me hydrated in this, I would be good pretty much anywhere! LOL)
Glad to say it worked great! There were no leaks and everything worked like it should.  I also liked that there was no plastic taste to the water (kinda worried about that since the whole bag is like Overall, it passes the test with an “A+”.
So now I am feeling even more prepared for my trip and simply cannot wait to get out there!  Hiking… exploring…and now being properly hydrated the entire time! Doesn’t get any better than that! #truth
Pioneer Bear Camp Hydration Bladder
If you’d like to grab one too, use this link and save 25% off for a limited time. (Discount will be applied at checkout with this link).

Thank you to Pioneer Bear Camp for sponsoring this post. All opinions are mine.

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