Good News, Bad News, Then Making It Good News Again. 😀

So the good news…my tent came! Yay!

The bad news…unfortunately it is not the one I ordered. Boo! Oh the trials and tribulations of trying to just live on the road…LOL

So yeah, I really am annoyed with the fact that what I received is not what was described or shown in the pictures. Like the tent is similar in some ways so maybe they just thought I wouldn’t notice? Lol. In other ways it’s like the complete opposite of the one pictured.

This is the one I ordered…

Hydraulic tent Hydraulic tent

I figured it would be way easy for me to mess with by myself and would be fine for a while to roam around in. I wanted to something small so this looked like a good option.

And it said (and showed) it had TWO doors..a front door and a back door. I liked that for the fact it would allow a good breeze to go through. Well, I’m totally missing a door…yep, I just got the one, so no breeze for me.

The issue now is this…do I return it and get another one or just deal? I think I’m going to just deal and here’s why.

First of all, it took a while to get here. It has to come from China. Nothing against getting things from China (if they are correct), but to think of shipping it back to them, then waiting for them to get it, process it and hopefully give me a refund would take a while.

And I am kinda concerned and don’t have 100% faith I would get a refund. I mean if they send you a tent that is not what is represented on the website, how reliable are these people, ya know? Then I’d be out the money and the tent!

So I am thinking at this point I am going to keep it. Yes, I have still contacted the company to let know that’s not cool that they did the old switcharoo so we’ll see if they reply.

Settled on the fact I was going to keep this tent, I decided to set up everything and see how this was all going to play out. This tent is smaller than the one shown on the site so I was worried it was going to be too small.

I have to say, it isn’t. And it’s looking kinda cute.

Pop up Tent

Yes, I will get a roomier one down the road (maybe), but I really like the coziness of this. I want to spend 99% of my time outside the tent anyway (out hiking, chilling in hammock, etc) so to have this be a really cozy sleeping space is kinda nice.

And I will say it’s super easy to put up. This one is a pop up tent, so it’s like those sunshades that are round and you just kinda start to unfold them and they explode into shape..same concept here. You just kinda throw it out there, and viola, shelter.

(That’s another big difference in this one and the one I ordered. This one came in a ROUND carrying case and it pops up. The one pictured came in a long narrow case and you set it up totally different…completely opposite!)

Pop up tent

Now, taking it down and packing it up is another matter altogether. It took myself and my mom to wrangle this thing back in its cage. It put up a good fight, but we finally got it! I’m thinking (aka hoping) this will get easier the more I do it.

Making it good news again…

No, it’s not the tent I was expecting. and it’s not the tent I had planned on, but that’s life sometimes… ya just gotta keep on keeping on. At least it is shelter, easy to put up, and fits Z and I quite nicely.

So me and Zero, and our little misfit tent will be going off soon and trying everything out for a few days in the wild. #ohMy. Stay tuned and be sure to follow along on Snapchat and Instagram stories to see all the craziness. 😀

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