My First Time (And It’s Happening Tomorrow!)

First time camping

Camping, people, camping. My first time camping…alone! And yes, it is happening tomorrow!!!!

I am happy and excited to report I am going on my first explore tomorrow!

Am I ready? Nope.

Do I have all my gear? Nope.

Do I have enough necessities to get me though? Guess we’ll find out. 😀

I am so excited but obviously a bit nervous too. I mean, I am not a camper. I scream when bugs land on me, snakes freak me out, and I really don’t want to get eaten by a bear (or, as I like to call them, a “forest shark”). To top it off, all the scary movies always take place in the woods…at night…in the dark…

Camping quote

Now, when I was little, I was in “Campfire” and was a “Blue Bird” (think “Girl Scouts”). It was fun and I am hoping some of that stayed with me. Lol. I mean, I know how to make a fire and such so I’m thinking I’ll be fine…right?

In any case..

It’s happening!

My first explore is tomorrow!!

I can’t believe it’s happening! Like when I had this idea like five months ago to flip my life totally upside down and change it up, it seemed really crazy. I mean, deciding to sell everything, get a tent and just roam around with your dog isn’t the “norm” and I really had no idea how it was all going to happen. #truestory

Even though I had no idea how I was going to manage it, I just had faith that if I did my part and tried my hardest , the universe would meet me halfway and help out, and it did.

Just Leap quote

All the unexpected road bumps (like having to take Z to the vet, Dante needing four new tires, laptop dying, etc) that seemed to happen one after another now seem like little “mini-tests” to see how determined I was. Kinda like I was being tested to see if I was going to just give up and go back to a “normal job/ life” or push through and fight for what really feels right to me.

Well, happy to say, I did not give in. I dealt with each hurdle one by one and came out on the other side more excited than ever!

The goals that I set out in the beginning of not having a traditional job, not having an apartment lease or house in my name , cutting traditional ties, roaming around and just “being” are coming into fruition.

I now have no traditional job and I have no living space in my name. Am I completely ready and where I eventually wanna be? Nope. But, that’s okay. Life really is a journey and you have to learn to enjoy where you are now. Now if life. Now is what’s happening. Now is what you need to appreciate.

So…I will be leaving tomorrow (eek!) so make sure to follow along on Snapchat or Instagram / Instagram story...I’ll be posting a lot over there..that way, it’ll be like you guys are all with me the whole time. 😀 #trippers

Snapchat Terri DeVore

8 thoughts on “My First Time (And It’s Happening Tomorrow!)

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    1. Hey! Thanks for the comment! Yeah, I was a bit confused on how you can make money from a blog as well. If you google that question, there are a ton of great articles and resources. It seems like the most popular ways are to do sponsored posts, be an affiliate for different companies, and sell ad space…really a lot of different things you can do. 😀 Just whatever you do, I would only work with brands that you already love or try and truly dig their product…I would never just do a post or affiliate partnership just for the money. Hope that helps!


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