What I Learned From My First Time (On the Road, People!)

Hey! So I’m back in my hometown kinda “regrouping” and planning my next explore and wanted to share a little bit about my first experience going out on my own.

First of all, it was a blast. It really was everything I had imagined. Even though I wasn’t really ready, didn’t have all my gear, and my tent was not what I was wanting at all, I’m so super glad I still decided to take the plunge and just go! Zero and I had the best time and she was just loving every minute of it!

So, some of the things I learned…

First of all, my little misfit tent is not going to make the cut. If you read my post about the tent, you know it’s not what I had ordered…like at all. I thought it could work, but yeah…it’s not gonna. Luckily it did okay and Z and I were able to sleep in it, but a new tent is going to be a must!

Second thing I learned is that I have to be way more organized. I started out really good. All my clothes, campsite stuff, water, Z’s gear, etc had a specific bag or bin that it lived in. Well, I noticed as the days went on, things were not where they once were and it kinda got outta control. Lol. Luckily, I have room for everything, but it has to stay that way or else it is like a bomb blew up and it’s just not good.

Third thing I learned is that, at a campground, I need either people around and/or cell service. I need at least one of those. The first campground I went to had literally nobody around…like in the whole park…no campers, no hikers, nobody just walking around…nobody…and I drove alllll through that park! I was actually still thinking about staying so we got out of the car to see how freaky it would be to be that alone and that’s when I realized I had no cell service. Then, I remembered the park ranger telling me how it was their one night off …yeah…we didn’t stay. Just couldn’t do it. I mean, we were back in this park like ten miles…nobody around…no park ranger coming to check on us…just didn’t feel like a smart thing to do. I have to admit, it was really kinda cool being that secluded and had I had cell service I really think I would have tried to stay, just didn’t feel safe though, so yeah…off we went!

Fourth thing I learned is that I am on way too many social media channels. Lol. For real though. There’s Instagram , Instagram story, Snapchat, Twitter, personal Facebook, personal Facebook story, Dreadlocks and Butterflies Facebook page , and story…like it’s crazy! I was trying to post to everything but not post the same thing across the board (so if you follow me on more than one place you wouldn’t keep seeing the same posts). I was getting so lost and confused. Lol. Also, for safety reasons, I sometimes post a few days behind, so I couldn’t remember what I was posting where. So, to make things easier… if you want to follow me, I will be posting mostly on my Instagram (@dreadlocksandbutterflies) and Snapchat (@terridevore) #simplify

The last thing isn’t so much something I learned, but instead something I noticed….how Zero was different. Not sure if I can even explain this in words. There was something about the way she watched me and looked to me for guidance…the look in her eye was just different. I swear we grew even closer and just kinda ” understood” each other more. We’ve always had a super tight bond but it just felt like we were so much more of a team …I knew it and so did she. Like I said, hard to put into words, but something so cool. Also, watching her hang out at night after dinner, just chilling, looking around, smelling the air, listening to the sounds…I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so content…and that just made my heart smile.

So now I’m back in my hometown seeing my mom and the kiddo, which is always nice. My plan is to stay few days-week, regroup, plan the next direction I wanna go, and go again!

Stay tuned! 😀

8 thoughts on “What I Learned From My First Time (On the Road, People!)

    1. Yeah..I think it’s super important to listen to your own intuition! Also, watching Z is for sure helpful. We were taking a walk at one point and she came to a dead stop with her ears all perked up so of course I stopped too and was on guard. Then the bushes in front of us started swaying because something was walking in them…yeah, we just slowly backed up and walked the opposite direction. Haha so glad I have her!!!


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