“Earthing” and Why It’s Just Dumb


So first of all, what is “earthing”? When I tried to find the actual definition I just came across sites that were for ads, books, videos and products to help you “Earth” better. According to Bare Foot Sales Corp…

Earthing is a fast-growing movement based upon the discovery that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy is foundational for vibrant health.

The gist of the whole thing is that the earth’s natural current is good for our bodies and when we go “earthing” our bodies are getting grounded. We do this by walking on the earth without shoes.

I had first heard about “earthing” on Facebook. There was a video going around showing people walking barefoot and talking about this “new thing” of walking around in the grass without shoes on. My first thought was …”um..that’s just called walking barefoot…that’s kinda how I lived my childhood…why are we having to name it and make it this revolutionary thing?” So at first I thought it was just dumb…then I realized it’s just sad.

First of all, why it seems dumb…

It’s crazy to me that in the definition above it states, “upon the discovery”. Like that connecting to nature and the earth would have benefits is a brand new concept. To me that is just silly. It seems like just common sense that the more we can connect to nature and natural things, the better off we will be. I mean, we are natural beings. We are like the trees and the stars and the wind and the earth. Of course being in nature and all that goes with it would be good for our health. Also, like I said before, I thought it was so dumb to call it “earthing”, when in fact it’s already called something.. “walking in the grass barefoot”.


Now, why it seems sad…

It’s sad that we have become so disconnected from nature and feeling the grass beneath our feet that we have to create a new trend, give it a name and make it an “activity”. Rather than it happening naturally, we have to put it in our planner to accomplish it.

And what’s even more sad is that if you can’t find the time to “go earthing”, there are now products you can purchase to bypass the actual act of walking in the grass barefoot. Yep, now while you are sitting at your work desk or sleeping you can buy things you plug in so that you can “be grounded”.


That’s just insane to me. It’s so artificial and just weird.

It’s really strange to me to think about how far we have gotten away from nature and natural things. It just seems like more and more we are creating this world of artificial things where we are forgetting the importance of nature and being connected to it.

So, today let’s reconnect with nature. Let’s take our shoes off and just step onto the actual Earth for a bit. Not because it’s a trend, but because it’s a natural thing to do. And when we do, let’s take some deep breaths and really enjoy the moment. But we are not going to call it “earthing”, we are just going to call it “living”. 😀

5 thoughts on ““Earthing” and Why It’s Just Dumb

  1. I love this, and you are so right. For weeks now, I have been mulling over a post that I want to do on this subject. It is called everything from ‘Grounding’ to ‘Earthing’ to ‘connection’ and everything else in between. I kind of like the term ‘resonating,’ as we living things are also part of the vibrations of all life (I am talking the excitable dance of interacting atoms here).
    You are correct that devices are not required. I still need to do a bit more research, but if one follows the science aspects of energy transfer, we find that energy is all around us in the air itself. All living things emanate their energy. All we have to do is to tune into it. Nothing artificial required at all; and best of all, the source is free! ❤️

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  2. barbs

    “Earthing” may need a warning label due to ground current and relationship to CANCER. I found the information here: https://www.electricsense.com/10398/earthing-emf-protection/

    when Lee wrote…“Unfortunately, for several years prior to my cancer diagnosis, I used to do “earthing” religiously–and I mean religiously! I sat daily on my concrete back patio to be exposed to earth energies, being so committed to the practice, that even in winter, when it was bitterly cold and blustery, I’d bundle up and be there. Under my layers, I’d make sure my rear end sat directly on the concrete, so as to continue to “benefit” from earth energies.

    “After several years of this, I developed a worrisome EMF sensitivity to my laptop (but didn’t connect it to my foolish form of earthing). A year thereafter, I was diagnosed with rectal cancer. I do not wish to be impolite, but it’s important to note that the cancer (like a sickly white ice-sickle) ended up growing directly out of my rectum. Even then, I didn’t connect it to earthing. However, after the laptop situation developed, I did become a follower of the best site I could find to learn more about EMF sensitivity: ElectricSense.com…

    This caught my attention. It isn’t all dirt and grass out there. Now you need a meter to measure safe current levels? Unless you want to be a channel for excess electricity. Ouch. Be safe out there.


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