Update- New Tent, Motorcycle Accident and New Creative Venture

Hey guys! So, yeah, you might have noticed I haven’t been posting pictures of places I’ve been traveling too and that’s because, well, I haven’t been traveling! Wanted to give you an update of what’s kinda been going on.

So I came back to my mom’s, and not long after, my son was in a motorcycle accident. He’s okay, thank the universe, but his bike is messed up and his knee is kinda jacked and will most likely bother him a bit for the rest of his life (he’s only 20-years-old now). Luckily, my kid is super awesome and always wore his helmet and full riding gear. The cops even said that if it weren’t for that gear, he would have been really messed up. So…lesson here is if you drive a motorcycle, always wear your gear! Every. Single. Time.

Motorcycle gear

So, overall he is okay (which is more than I can say for the guy, if I ever meet him, that cut across three lanes of traffic at once and ran my kid off the road…then tried to flee the scene) but his bike is still jacked up and he is now going through legal channels to fight this guy.

So with all that is going on, I am staying close to home for a while. Even though I want to wander around, my first priority and love is my role of “mom” so being here right now is what I need to do. 😀

On another note, I got a new tent! If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already saw my new home. It is amazing and I love it! It’s roomy and easy to set up and perfect size for me and Zero.

Camping Tent

I am so beyond excited and happy to have it! I’m actually going to set it up in the backyard so I can test her out! I’ll be sure to post pics so watch my social media if you wanna see. 😀

The last thing that’s going on is that, with me being at my mom’s and having time on my hands, I have had a chance to get back to doing creative things. I was doing some before but kinda put it all on hold -since I was more focused on how to sell everything, quit my job and get gear so I could just wander. Now, I am back at it and I have been having a blast!

I have been doing mostly macrame/ boho style wall hangings and some hand painted greeting cards. And, since I don’t have room to keep them, decided to sell them online. I named it the Wild and Free Shop. ✌️I have an Instagram and Facebook account for everything if you want to check them out. (Also I have found some really cool preloved fashion things that I have added into the mix.)

Macrame Wall Hanging

So, that’s what’s been going on. I plan on traveling (someplace close) soon so at least we can still get out and about. Figured an hour or two away would be good so now just waiting for all this rain around here to subside. In the meantime, I’ll be setting up my new home in the backyard and testing her out, making fun macrame things and being my favorite thing ever…being “mom” to my kid. 😀

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