It’s Okay To Slow Down

Life quote

So a thought I had the other day when Z and I were chilling at a campsite is…when did it become such a badge of honor…a duty almost…to always be pushing ourselves over and past our limits?

It seems like we have started measuring our self worth by how busy we are…how many hats we can wear…how many different plates we can juggle at one time.

It’s like if we aren’t doing a thousand different things (and giving each thing a hundred percent), then we are lazy or not as motivated as our neighbor.

I used to buy into that idea whole-heartedly. I really did. I believed life was about pushing yourself, reaching for more, always striving for that higher goal. I bought all the personal development books, listened to the podcasts, and I joined in the webinars.

I bought into the phrases like, “Magic happens outside of your comfort zone”, and “Go big or go home”, “Stop wishing, start doing”, etc.

I thought that being busy and always looking ahead to that next goal was the thing to do. I thought that happiness came from “doing more” and pushing yourself …

Now I’m thinking…not so much.

I mean, why are we so obsessed with what’s next and wanting what we don’t have? Why is that what we focus on? Why don’t we focus on being content and looking inward for piece of mind…instead of trying to find our purpose through outside things like a job title, what type of car we drive or if our kitchen is updated with the latest trends?

We get so busy going from one task to another, half the time running on auto-pilot, that we are not even really that mindful of what we are doing. We can’t slow down…we have “so much to do”.

Why do we feel like little Johnny has to be in football, piano,and karate… all at the same time? Why do we feel like we have to puke when we work out or it wasn’t a good session? Why do we feel like if we don’t work sixty hours a week, we are not doing enough?

When will we shift to “it’s okay to be content where you are?” That it’s okay to not have the latest granite countertops or iPhone. It’s okay to take a walk for exercise instead of feeling like you have to train for Ironman. That it’s okay just to live a happy, healthy life.

Life quote

Look, I am not saying give up on goals and never look ahead, but what I am saying is that life is now…today…this minute.

Give yourself permission to enjoy it.

Take a walk. Write in your journal. Lie in the grass and just gaze up at the sky. Meditate. Paint. Read. Whatever makes your soul feel most content…do that.

We tend to think of things like this as “not productive” and they tend to be things we only do “if we have time”or “when our work is done”…which it never is.

We take time away from what our soul needs and instead spend it on outside distractions because we are taught that’s where happiness comes from.

Let’s shift our focus back to nourishing our souls and consciousness…finding our talents and gifts…being present and mindful with our thoughts…doing things that make our soul feel full and content…

Lets slow down and just live.

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