The Fullness Community; A Happy, Positive Place 😀

Women supporting women

Hey guys! So I have to tell you all about something that I found and am really excited about!

So, you may know I am on this kinda “journey” of “tuning out” from the daily distractions we have surrounded ourselves with, and “tuning into” things that matter (to me) more, such as nature, consciousness and the planet we live on.

That’s why I am so super skied about an online community I found. It’s called the Fullness Community and it’s really cool.

So what is it?


From the Fullness Community website:

Ever wonder why life is so hard sometimes? Well we’ve figured it out.
It comes down to these simple (but how the hell do we change them) factors.

    We have lost our connection with nature
    We’ve lost our connection with other women
    And we’ve certainly lost our connection with our own minds
    Fullness takes all of these things and gives you the opportunity to create them right at your fingertips.

We want you to live a life full of all the adventures, excitement and love you can dream of. That’s why we’re giving you the tools.

You’ll get weekly challenges, mindfulness techniques, Meditation practices, Exclusive Interviews and Articles, and personalized coaching. All of this while doing it with your soon to be world wide best friends.


So the best way I can describe it is like a really awesome, happy Facebook. It’s for women only and everyone is there to support one another. There are no politics, no hateful comments, no name calling…it’s just women supporting one another and building each other up, offering advice, encouragement, and friendship.

What I love the most is that it is all about being your best self. They have monthly series and challenges, expert coaches that you can ask questions and advice to, helpful articles to read and more.

The Fullness community

Now, with that all being said, I have to tell you that I decided to become and ambassador for them. Now, if you read my post a couple of days ago, you might be thinking, “wha?? I thought you weren’t doing anymore sponsored blogging or content”, and you’d be right…I’m not. Well, I guess with this technically I am… but this is different and here’s how:

First, I don’t have to have thousands of fake followers on my social media accounts, because…they don’t care how many followers I have! I can just be me, with my real followers, and that’s enough for them.

Second, this is something that aligns with my life right now like crazy. Like for real, it was like the universe saw the path I was starting on and made this just for me. I was actually kinda in shock and blown away when I first saw everything on the site because it was so what I need right now.

And third, when I saw the first “welcome” video, I was hooked! So after you sign up, you will see a “welcome” video and in this video you will see Kylie, the owner, just kinda telling you about the site and how to navigate it and such. What I love is that the video is…are you ready for this… UNFILTERED…wha?

Yeah… crazy, right? It’s just her sitting at a table talking, dog in the background. No special lighting, no special effects, no crazy editing. She even mentions how all her videos will be like this…real and authentic.

So, yeah, this is something I just had to be part of! The good news for you is that if you’d like to join, since I’ve partnered with them, you can get a month free to try it out! #score

Simply go to and enter the code “BUTTERFLY” at checkout and your first 30 days is FREE! 😀

After you sign up, make sure to add me as a friend! I’d love to connect with you on there. (@terridevore)


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