Life is Now

Hey guys! 😀 So when I decided to stay at my mom’s for a bit to be close to my kiddo while he went through all the junk from his motorcycle accident (going through legal channels to fight the guy, getting his bike fixed, etc.), I kinda felt like my journey was “on hold”. After all, my plan is to travel and get away from everything…right? Once I get away, then I can focus on the things I want such as exploring my creative side, tuning into nature, etc.

I felt like while I was here I was kind of in “limbo” and that I didn’t have time to think of other things because right now I need to focus on the issues and problems that are currently happening. I believed that because my plan wasn’t as I thought it should be, I have to “pause” and wait to get started again until I was on the road.

I felt this way for about a week…honestly probably longer. I just felt kind of detached and back into this world of physical and superficial things. After all, it’s much easier to feel spiritual when you are in the woods in a tent rather than surrounded with technology and society and all that brings.

I felt like my plan was just going to have to be “on hold”. And I was okay with that…to a degree…

But then one day it just sort of hit me. Just because I don’t want to go off right now because I want to be here for my kid, doesn’t mean I still can’t go off on the spiritual journey.

This whole idea was never so much about the travel, it was about the freedom to “just be”. Just like I wrote about in my post about how the “wanderlust” hashtag didn’t really work for me.

It is about unplugging from normal society rules and expectations so that I can find my own path. It is about getting back to nature and connecting with the energy, cycles, and vibrations of the earth and universe. It is about learning about, nurturing, and expanding my consciousness. And it’s about being in charge of my time and how on spend it on this earth.

So while I have been here , I have learned that my real joy comes from nature, not the location of that nature. Of course I am still going to travel and see new things, but I’ve learned that’s not so much what it is all about.

It’s about taking my best friend, Zero, and walking barefoot in the grass with her next to my side, soaking up the amazing energy that comes from the sun, feeling the wind on my face and being grateful for it all.

It’s about learning how everything is connected and tuning into that connection. And, that, I can do from anywhere.

So, while we are still going to see new places and I will post about those, I will also be posting about the spiritual/ philosophical side of this journey.

I have always loved to question and wonder about religions, the universe, reality, etc and how it all ties together, so get ready, cause there may be some crazy ideas coming…lol.

Until then- make sure to live your life today. If there has been something you have been putting off “until the time is right”, just do it today. Life is now.


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