Not #Wanderlust but #Wonderlust

Hey guys! So in a past post I talked about how my journey didn’t have to be “on hold” because of my location…that I can still pursue the deeper part of the journey…the best part….the part of going inward.

And that’s what I have been doing. I have been able to wonder, question, journal and think and really pursue my desire to question.

So I realized, for me, it’s not #wanderlust, it’s #wonderlust…it always has been. I have been fascinated by the deep questions of life since I was 16 yrs old and now, now, I can focus and theorize and philosophize about them until my brain can’t think anymore. It’s like my consciousness knows it’s time to “wake up” or something…if that makes any sense.

It’s almost like a full circle kinda thing because when I had this whole idea to sell everything and get out of the 8-5 world, my goal was to “just be” and reconnect with nature and the world -not the physical one -but the energy of it all.

Then, it kinda became more about the travel because I thought that journey was what I needed to do to accomplish the inside journey. The more I got into that part, the more I got away from the inside journey. I was having to post all the time on social media and was collaborating with brands for posts for money and it just didn’t feel right…like at all. I knew that if I stopped working with brands for money it would leave me with less cash and that would, in turn, have me travel less, but I just felt I was getting off my path…and I didn’t like that feeling at all.

So, like the universe does, I was led back to my path…my “right path”. So, what is the right path? I think being on the right path is when you are uncovering your true authentic self. When you are really learning and seeing who you are as a unique individual. It’s when you can begin to find your gift(s) and understand how to best share them with other people. It’s when you are really “tuned in” to the energy around you. It’s when you can feel your energy and spirit vibrate…and you just “know” you are on your path.

It’s almost “magical” when you really realize how crazy this world /reality is and how there are signs and clues everywhere directing you to your path…you just have to be open to see them. For me, my path is paved with wonder. Wonder about nature, the universe, dimensions, energy, the brain, god, consciousness, etc and how it all relates together. It’s an insatiable thirst I have for knowledge and learning and more questions.

So it was kind of fun when I realized that it’s not #wanderlust…it never was. I knew it then but didn’t really know what to replace it with…and now I do. #wonderlust

On an Exciting Side Note:

When I was in high school, I skipped my classes so I could instead go to my (then) boyfriend’s college philosophy class. It was awesome and I wished I could have gone every day, but back to dumb high school classes I had to go.

Anyway, I was thinking about doing that again but thought instead of sneaking in like I did last time, I should prob be on the “up and up”…lol.

So, I emailed a professor, we met to talk and he said he would be happy to have me audit his class but that his class this next semester was more just about faith and didn’t hit on any of the other things I’m into. BUT-get this- he said he would be happy to meet with me like once a week and just talk…that he liked my ideas and thoughts and that it kinda helped him too, because he never gets to just “think”, it’s all about research and teaching.

So, yeah…I get to kick around my crazy thoughts with a Baylor professor each week…pretty freaking excited about that! And, he didn’t think I was crazy so that’s a win.

I’ll start to share more of my random ideas about reality, consciousness, etc on here so if you are into that kinda stuff check back or subscribe so you don’t miss anything. I’d love to hear comments and such …like I said, I love to learn so you may say one thing or ask just one question and it will make me think a different way or such…

Until then… start today with gratitude and an open mind. Lead from a place of love and treat people cool. ✌️

2 thoughts on “Not #Wanderlust but #Wonderlust

  1. I completely get what you are saying. I call it “being in the flow”. It’s like you’ve jumped in the river and you are just letting it take you where you need to go. Since you are not fighting the current, you pick up incredible speed and it can be quite an exhilarating ride. You just need the courage to let go…


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