Wanna Have a Great Day? Raise your Vibration

You know those days when everything just seems to be going right? Like on your way to work every light turns green as you approach it, your favorite song comes on the radio, and the sun coming up gives you the most awe inspiring backdrop for your route as you drive?

We’ve all had those days where you just feel “on”…like you are just “lucky” or it’s just “your day”. We’ve also had the other days where everything just goes wrong.

Your alarm didn’t go off, you spill coffee on yourself in the car, you forgot your lunch and that’s all before you even get to work for the day.

Did you ever wonder why that happens? What is causing the shift ? What happens that one day you can feel like a rockstar and the other day you just want to stay in bed because you’re afraid of what else is going to go wrong?

It’s all about our vibration and frequency. Yep. We vibrate, people. In fact, everything does. We are not solid things as we seem. We are really beings of energy and vibration, radiating our own unique energy signature -this is fact and is what quantum physics has shown us time and time again.

So what is our human frequency? An average healthy human has a frequency of 62hz-68hz. Once you start getting lower that’s that, your immune system weakens and you are more susceptible to getting sick and diseases.

So, it is known that humans vibrate and have a frequency…everything does. It’s also know that we can raise or lower our frequency.

Now, when things are on the same frequency, they tend to attract other things on that same frequency. This is what the ‘Law of Attraction’ is based on; that if you are vibrating at a certain frequency by focusing your thoughts and intentions, you can “attract” things to you.

I personally don’t really think you are “attracting” things. Instead, I think you are blending with things more…hear me out…

I think you if are “tuned in” to a good frequency , you are going to notice and be aware of other things “tuned in” to that level. So, if that frequency is where good things happen, and you tune in to that, by default, you will notice and experience good things happening.

So how do we get tuned in to a good frequency? We make sure we have a high vibration.

Ya know how we do that? By living the way we should anyway! It’s nothing crazy. It doesn’t cost any money. It doesn’t even take extra time. Here are five simple things you can do today (and everyday) to raise your vibration and get you on that higher frequency.

1. Eat REAL food that comes from the earth. Real food has a higher frequency than processed and canned food. And, to me, that just makes sense. When you are eating something that was grown bathed in natural sunlight and fresh air, of course it would be better than something made from a factory.

2. Show gratitude, love, and empathy. These thoughts all have a high vibration. In contrast to fear, doubt and hate that all have a low vibration. Be kind. Help others. Be patient and giving.

3. Be mindful of your thoughts. We’ve heard this time and time again…you are what you believe. But it’s deeper than that. It’s not just you are what you believe, your whole reality is what you believe. Make sure whatever story you are playing in your mind lines up with how you want your reality to be.

4. Get out in nature. It doesn’t have to be for a week long trip, even just an afternoon walk can do wonders. Notice the flowers, the trees, be mindful and appreciate the energy all around you.

5. Unplug. Turn your cell phone off. Turn off the WiFi and the iPads. They all give off a frequency, too and it can interrupt your own vibration and cycles. At night, stay off the electronics and get them out of the room. It might be difficult at first, but it will get easier.

It’s really cool that your reality really is up to you. For real-you are your reality. Be mindful and conscious and direct that reality in the way you want. You are not just an observer of reality, you are a creator.

So…raise your vibration and create!

I’d love you know…What do you think? Do you feel vibrations /energy? Have you experienced your perspective and thoughts controlling your reality?

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