New Mexico:Land of Enchantment (for Real!)

So I have been to New Mexico before. Actually, quite a few times. Throughout my life I have been to Red River (twice), Ruidoso, Sunspot, Taos (twice), White Sands, and Eagles Nest.

And every one of these trips, I never liked the “deserty” parts of the trip. I always liked it in the mountains with the trees. To me, the deserty part just looked harsh, and dry, and dead…until now.

I don’t know what changed or what was different this time, but I absolutely fell in love with the desert scenery.

At first I enjoyed it because it was different. I mean, it’s always fun to see the scenery start to change when you are traveling like that. So, at first I was like,”okay, this is cool…kinda neat to see something different “.

But as Zero and I drove closer to our destination (Bottomless Lakes State Park), the more I was like, “wow, this is actually really pretty” and I was getting really excited and thinking ,”I hope Bottomless Lakes looks like this…this is kinda awesome”.

I was happy to see that the scenery was the same at the state park. In fact, it was even better. It had lakes and ridges and views that had (as my grandpa would say) miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles.

It was sooo pretty!

Bottomless Lakes State Park Bottomless Lakes State Park Bottomless Lakes State Park

We stayed at the Lea Lake site. It was beautiful (and I had cell service #bonus). Our spot was at the bottom of a hill and super close to the lake..

Bottomless Lakes State Park Lea Lake

This lake was amazing with crystal clear water. It also had a beach and swimming so Z loved it!

Bottomless Lakes State Park Lea LakeBottomless Lakes State Park Lea Lake

The park contains I believe, nine, small “lakes”. They were formed by sink holes and Lea Lake is the only one that is open for swimming.

Besides Lea Lake, Mirror Lake was the next fave. I mean, that reflection… 😮

Bottomless Lakes State Park Mirror LakeBottomless Lakes State Park Mirror Lake

Figure Eight Lake is cool too. Little fun fact for ya: it’s basically one lake that is separated by a sand bar. On the left, the saline content is too high for fish to live, but on the right it’s fine.

Bottomless Lakes State Park New MexicoBottomless Lakes State Park New Mexico

The more Z and I hiked around, the more I enjoyed our surroundings. I felt so connected to it all. It’s just so peaceful and kinda magical.

Bottomless Lakes State Park New MexicoBottomless Lakes State Park New MexicoBottomless Lakes State Park New MexicoBottomless Lakes State Park New Mexico

Bottomless Lakes State Park New Mexico

Once again total surprise since in all my forty-four years of living on this earth I have never wanted to go to, or enjoyed very much at all this type of landscape. Like for real…never.

I honestly don’t know what it is now that allows me to see the beauty in it all but I am grateful. I was able to see beauty everywhere I looked.

There were other things that made this trip memorable. Such as the insane hail storm the first night that made me see my life pass before my eyes as Z and I hunkered down in Dante. #terrifying

Hail storm New Mexico
Dante’s front window after the storm
Hail storm New Mexico
Outside the front door of the tent
Hail storm New Mexico
The next morning

And our time in Roswell visiting all the shops and being amazed at how pet friendly the town was. (Zero was allowed in all the shops! )❤️🐶

Roswell New Mexico Roswell New Mexico Roswell New Mexico Roswell New Mexico

Other special takeaways…

The neighbors that I had who turned into friends, the afternoons writing in my journal, the look of pure contentment on Zeros face, and the sky at night and all the stars!

I was truly enchanted by New Mexico.

And when our time was done there and we were all packed up and ready to go, I left some rosemary and white sage as an offering and a thank you. Yep, sure did. And I might have even gotten a little emotional.

Because, enchanted.

7 thoughts on “New Mexico:Land of Enchantment (for Real!)

  1. Great photo tour of Bottomless Lakes. And Zero is beautiful!

    I really enjoyed camping there a few years ago. Good to know that Roswell is so pet-friendly, as we plan on taking our newly adopted pup everywhere, and although I did a quick walk of Roswell, my husband really wants to check it out one day.


    1. Aw thanks about Zero ❤️ yeah, Bottomless Lakes was really cool… planning on going back soon. And yeah, Roswell was so cool for being so pet friendly! Where I am (central Texas), people look at you almost with disgust if you try to take a dog in anywhere so it was really fun and awesome to be in a place that Zero was so welcome! Juniper will love it for sure!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It seems like a lot of places out are becoming more dog friendly, which I’m so happy about. On Sunday we went to Little River Canyon National Preserve in Alabama, and even their visitor center is dog-friendly. Juniper was particularly interested in the stuffed black bear 😉 It’s getting easier to travel with a pet, though I still find the summer heat challenging.


      2. That’s awesome about Alabama. Yeah I struggle with the fact that if I need to stop and go in someplace…what do I do with Zero when it’s hot? Like I’m not leaving her in the car with it running and my keys in it… not leaving her tied outside the store, and I can’t take her in…. grrrr Luckily I’ve been places that aren’t too hot to leave her in the car with the windows down.. but I still run in the store, get everything as fast as I can, and get back … lol I bet Juniper had a blast atmosphere Alabama ! 🐶❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      3. We were so lucky on the weather for our Alabama mountain hike on Sunday. Cloudy and low 70’s, but not too cool for her to get her feet wet in the river 🙂

        Regarding leaving Juniper in the car, where I don’t feel comfortable leaving it running with keys inside, I usually blast the A/C on high for a few minutes to get the car as cold as possible before shutting it off. If I can’t park in the shade, I put Reflectix (cut to window opening size) up in the windows. It’s a little time consuming and takes up space in the car but is awesome for keeping heat out. That usually buys me 5-10 minutes before the car starts heating up. The Reflectix is good for privacy too on nights when we are sleeping in the back of our Subaru rather than pitching the tent.


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