Caprock Canyons, Wild Bison and a New Tattoo

Hey guys! So if you follow me in Instagram or Facebook you already know that Z and I were in Caprock Canyons. (If you don’t follow me on there, well, you totally

So, we didn’t have any crazy hail storms like in New Mexico but we did have a close encounter of the wild bison kind, but I will get to that a little later…

I had heard of Caprock Canyons before but had no clue what it was or even really where it was. It’s my mom that suggested it (thanks mom!) and I’m glad I listened to her since I’m stubborn and don’t do that a What can I say, I’m a Taurus. ♉️

So it seems the canyon is in the Texas panhandle about two hours away from Amarillo. It’s kinda cool because I was driving along and seeing more plains than anything else and I kept thinking,”surely it’s out here somewhere “, “I know Sarah wouldn’t lead me astray”.

(Yes, I call Siri ‘Sarah’, she just sounds more like a ‘Sarah’ to me.) Aaaanyway…….

So we are driving along and then kinda outta nowhere we start to see an area of rocks and ridges and realize that’s it.

We get there and wow! 😮 Look at this place!

Caprock Canyon

Caprock Canyon

I know-so pretty!!

Besides having the canyon, they also have wild bison! Yep, sure do. And they roam around everywhere!

Fun Fact I learned: They can weigh up to 2000 pounds and can run 30mph. 😮

We saw them when we first drove in. They were all hanging out by the visitors center. Zero wasn’t really sure about them…

Click here to see Zero and the Bison

So that was cool, but then the next day we had our close encounter.

So they tell you to stay 50 yards away from them…in person or in your car. So we were driving and they were all along the right side of the road. Well, if I were to drive past them we would be wayyyy closer than 50 yards, so I waited.

Well, the guy behind us went around me and drove past them.

The bison all watch him go by, then turn around to me and Z and start walking right towards our car. I was like, “Nooo…I didn’t even do anything…go get that other guy”.

So yeah, they ended up kinda surrounding us and a couple stared us down-hard-and it was a little sketchy. But after it was all said and done it was really cool and I’m super glad we had that experience.

———> Check out the video here 😮

Luckily, Zero was laying down in the backseat when they started walking up on us. Not sure if she was that tired or kinda freaked out as well but she just stayed quiet and chill. #thankgoodness

The bison were super cool and we saw (and heard ) them a lot. We also saw prairie dogs!! I had never seen one before but by our campsite there was a whole prairie dog town!

Only my gosh they are so cute! And there were so many of them! You can drive and see them on both sides of the car just hanging out, going in there little holes, just doing prairie dog kinda things.

When Z was looking out the window at them (see video) I was thinking, “this place is like a drive thru wild life park but you get to take your dog!” She was getting to see all kinds of things!

This place was really cool. So many animals to see (even saw a snake.. ick), miles of nice trails and a five mile scenic drive that takes you in to the canyon more.

Z and I really enjoyed our time here and super glad we went!

Caprock Canyon Caprock Canyon Caprock Canyon Caprock Canyon Caprock Canyon Caprock Canyon

Caprock Canyon Caprock Canyon Caprock Canyon

So after this and New Mexico I’m thinking I want to go where there are lush trees and see something different than “deserty ” scenery. Although I have come to really love it, I’m thinking it’d be nice to mix it up. (Of course this could

We are back in Waco for a couple of weeks so I have a little time to figure it out.

Came back for my bday AND got a new tattoo!! What! What! Yep- and my son and his girlfriend got it for me for my bday so it’s even extra special.

Unalome tattoo

So while I’m here I plan on making some new items for my Etsy shop and picking up a few shifts at my last job. (Super nice that I can let them know I’m in town and if they are busy, they will put me on the schedule for a week. Never hurts to replenish the bank account while I’m hanging out in town anyway!)

So, that’s all I have. 😀 Caprock was awesome. Would totally recommend it. Just don’t go in the summer- that would kinda suck…just too hot to really enjoy it. Unless you like that kinda thing.

But if you do go and you see the bison, give them a little “whasssup” for me and Z. 😀

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