Don’t Build Fences; Build Connections.

Human connection quote

When Z and I were in Oklahoma I noticed it.

When were were in Tennessee, I noticed it.

When we spent time in New Mexico I really noticed it.

What was it?

The connection.

I noticed how at the campsites we were staying, people seemed to connect more than they do in an “regular” neighborhood.

They say “hi” more, they strike up more conversation, they feel like a little tribe.

This made me start to wonder…why?

At first I thought, “well, maybe it’s because everyone has the same kind of interest of travel and nature and so maybe it’s just the general vibe of the people here…they are just more friendly by nature”.

Maybe it’s just “that type of person” that likes to connect more.

But then I started wondering..

If you took the walls and fences away in a “normal” neighborhood, would the people living there connect more?

Is it the people or the surroundings that is causing the connection to one another?

I believe it’s the surroundings.

I believe that if you took a normal neighborhood of houses and replaced those houses with campers and tents, there would be a greater connection between those people.

There would almost have to be.

First of all, there wouldn’t be any fences to hide behind. If you wanted to spend the afternoon reading outside, it wouldn’t be behind a big privacy fence. It might be on a chair outside your tent/camper.

Others could see you. And you could see them.

Those surroundings kinda force you to be more social and make connections.

I mean, when Z and I were in New Mexico and survived the hail storm, I had neighbors the next morning checking on us and making sure we were okay. People I had never met in my life. People I had just been beside for one day.

I felt like I had known some of those people for years; like they were friends.

I’m not saying every campsite is like that or every person staying at a campsite is like that.

What I am saying is that I think we have a better chance of loving one another and wanting to help one another the more we connect with each other.

And the way we connect is not with walls, fences and distance. The way we connect is closeness and being open and vulnerable.

Saying hello as we pass each other by. Striking up conversation and getting to know one another…knowing (and feeling like) we are all in this together.

Connection is what helps us love one another and want the best for each other.

We are all just humans on this amazing planet. Let’s connect and make our time here awesome. ✌️

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