The World Does Revolve Around Me; Just Hear Me Out :)

“The world doesn’t revolve around you”.

Something my mom used to love to say when I was growing up. She never really liked it when I would then began a debate on how, in fact, my world does revolve around me, just like her world revolves around her.(Yeah, I was fun as a

So let me kinda explain what I mean…

We are all on this planet together, sharing this one world, but our realities and what that world is like is different for everyone.

Your world consists of you. Your fears, your attitudes, your family, your goals, etc.

My world consists of me. My fears, my attitudes, my family, my goals, etc.

So of course my world is going to revolve around me. To me, I am the center of my world just as you are the center of yours.

It really couldn’t be any other way.

The best way I can describe this is imagine driving on a busy road. You are in your car, listening to music, thinking your thoughts and enjoying your world. You see the other cars but they are just that…other cars. Just a part of the scenery. You really don’t give them much more thought than that.

But when you stop and take a step back it gets kinda cool to think about.

All these people are in these little worlds going to different places and thinking different thoughts.

Some of them are going home after working a twelve-hour shift. Some are headed to the grocery store. Others may be taking their kids to school. In any case, to them, they are the center of the world and everything else is revolving around them.

To them, you are just part of their scenery. From their perspective, you are just another car on the road.

Now, some people look at the world revolving around them as entitlement to be selfish…a reason to only care about themselves…and that’s not cool.

Yes, you may sometimes only be a speck in someone’s else’s world but when that happens and our worlds collide, it should be our goal to make that other person’s world a little better.

Let’s not get so caught up in our world and what’s revolving around us that we don’t think about others and what’s revolving around them.

When that person is rude to you at the store, maybe they just found out their boyfriend is cheating on them.

When that person walks into a store and doesn’t hold the door for you, maybe they are worried about their dad in the hospital.

Just because we may be having a good day in our world doesn’t mean everyone is.

So, be kind. Show empathy and understanding to others. Let’s make our world, and everyone’s that we come in contact, with a little better each day. ✌️

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