The 5 Things New Mexico Taught Me

Hey! Z and I are back in Texas and as I was reflecting about our trip, I was thinking about how traveling forces you into different situations and how those situations make you grow.

I feel like every time we go out and travel, I learn something about me, her, or the world.

So I thought I would share some of the things I learned (and accomplished) this last trip.

First, a little backstory on where we went…

(All of this was in New Mexico)

We started in Coyote Creek and stayed there a few days. While there we explored Red River and Eagle Nest.

Then we made our way to Taos and explored the city as well as the Taos Pueblo. After hanging out in Taos, we headed to Lake Abiquiu and spent the night there.

From there we explored Socorro, and The Very Large Array , then to Carrizozo and The Valley Of Fires.

We were going to stay in Carrizozo, but if you follow my IG or Facebook, you know this is when Zero’s leg started hurting more and I thought, “nope- we’re heading back a day early so she can rest and be close to the vet if needed”. Luckily she’s fine- we just over did it a little.

So, yeah, we saw a lot and had an amazing time!

New Mexico map

So what did I learn on this trip? Lots of things!

1. I learned that I am most happy/ content when I’m alone with my dog in the middle of nowhere. I realized this a little last time we were in New Mexico, but it really hit me this time when we were in Eagle Nest.

Z and I were walking a trail and it kept winding around and getting further and further away from the few people that were there.

Soon, it was only Z and I in this vast valley with the mountains on all sides.

We stopped several times just to take it all in. Feeling the wind on my face, hearing the birds… it was amazing. And it was just Z and I…and I loved it.

There’s something so magical about being surrounded by nothing but nature and being able to experience it alone.

I truly feel the most content and “at home” in the wilderness alone with just my dog by my side.

Eagle Nest New Mexico

2. I have graduated to “big girl status” because I finally used my “S” and “L” gears in my car! So… backstory.. .I learned how to drive on a standard and all my cars for about twenty years after were standards… so I get the concept of, and know how to, downshift. But with Dante being an automatic it just always seemed weird to try to shift when driving. I mean, there’s no clutch to press..?

I knew we’d be driving in some mountains and, while not huge, I knew I didn’t want to ride my brakes going downhill. So, before I left I went to my mechanic and asked him how the heck you use theses other “S” and “L” gears. He explained everything to me (that’s why I love my mechanic) and off I went.

I have to say the first time I threw it in “S”, it felt like kinda wrong… like I said, I was so used to having to press a clutch in…but you just drive and shift and that seemed so weird.

But I did it. And Dante didn’t explode. And we were still all alive.

After that I was using the “S” and “L” gears like a pro.

Funny how something so small can make you feel so accomplished. Lol

the Office meme

3. I learned that talking to Native Americans about Native American stuff on Native American land is all just too overwhelming and makes me cry.

Yo, for real. I knew it would be a little emotional when I went to the Taos Pueblo. I knew the energy would be different and it would just be kinda special. I had no idea I would bawl like a baby.

It started when I walked into the first shop and started talking to the owner. He was so amazing and just had such a good energy around him you could feel.

We began small talk and continued the conversation into Native American beliefs and “old ways”.

We discussed the earth and mountains. We talked about good energies and life. And we talked about different paths in life and all who wander are not lost.

And I started tearing up. Yep. Sure did. And he began telling me how he, too, cries often and that he can “hardly get through telling a story without crying”. He said we are just passionate about things and that’s where the tears come from.

We ended the conversation, said our goodbyes, and then I went outside his shop and pretty much bawled my eyes out.

I’m still not really sure why I was crying. Maybe it was the awesome energy of it all. Maybe it was because my soul felt so content and peaceful. All I know is that something touched my a lot.

I really don’t know how to describe it…it was just really cool and really, really special.

Side note: I tend to agree with / like/ believe in/ whatever the beliefs of most native Americans…I truly believe they had such a better understanding of the earth, the spirit, the energy that makes up everything, and balance of it all. I really wish we still lived by their way of life because I truly feel the world would be in such better shape than it is now. #justsaying

Taos Pueblo Taos New Mexico

4. I learned that driving in the middle of nowhere with no cell service is terrifying-and freeing.

So on our way to The Very Large Array, there is a strip of road that has no houses, no cities, no gas stations, no stores-nothing- for what seems like forever. That’s not too bad but then -there is also no cell service. There are also not very many other cars on the road- like at all.

This is both terrifying and freeing at the same time. Kinda terrifying because you are literally out in the middle of nowhere with just yourself and your dog. Literally nothing to see but (as my grandpa would say), “miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles”.

All alone meme

I start thinking things like “okay, if we break down, I have five gallons of water with us so that’s good. What if we break down and someone stops? Would I get in their car? Would Zero get in their car? No, I’ll just ask them to call the police as soon as they get cell service again. Will they really do that? Will they forget? I’ll just flag down every car that passes and ask all of them to do that. Then the odds are better. What mile marker was that? I need to pay attention to where I am. ”

Yeah- for real- kinda intimidating not gonna lie.

Especially when it goes on for over an hour and you just keep driving and driving into more of nothing (and you’re not really even sure where your destination is).

Now the flip side is that it’s kinda cool at the same time. It’s kinda weird/ strange/ liberating to be someplace and it’s really JUST you and your dog.

No social media. No internet. No cell phone. No communication at all. Just me and Zero and Dante. All alone. Feeling free.

5. I learned that I seem to name the scenery. Yep, sure do. Didn’t even realize it till the end of the trip when I was naming Fist Mountain, Great Dune Ridge and Sad Man Mountain and then it hit me.

The whole trip (and trips previous to this) I named my surroundings… lol. Not sure why, but it’s just something I seem to do…lol.

New Mexico

No big great lesson from that, just something I learned about myself. 😀

So that’s what came about from our New Mexico adventure. Collected some stories, learned some cool things and got to do it all with my BFF, Zero.

Can’t wait to get back on the road…I’ve got so much more to learn!!! ✌️

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