The Magic in Traveling Alone

Travel quote

So when I told my mom I was going to travel around with with Zero, a tent, and my car, of course she had questions.

One that she asked several times was; am I sure I wanted to do this alone? She asked if I would miss having another human there to enjoy all the moments with. I said, “I don’t think so, but guess I’ll find out”.

Well, let me tell ya, the results are in and traveling alone is amazing!

Now, don’t get me wrong, it can be really nice traveling with another person. For one thing, all the decisions don’t fall on you. You can share the responsibilities of deciding where to go, where to stop for the night, if that gas station looks safe enough for a pit stop, etc.

It’s also nice when you see an amazing sunset or breathtaking view to be able to share that moment with another person; to appreciate it together.

Although those are all great reasons to travel with someone, I have to say I am really truly digging traveling alone.

It’s different.

And pretty amazing.

First of all, I am the sole heir of all decisions. Mine and Zero’s safety and adventure is in my hands.

It is up to me to decided if I feel safe in a place. It’s up to me to decide what roads to take, when and where we stop, etc. There’s nobody else there to lean on and ask,”I don’t know …what do you think”.

It’s kinda scary but also really freeing and amazing.

Another huge bonus of traveling alone: I am connecting with my surroundings so much more.

I wasn’t expecting that.

I thought I might miss sharing the moments of pretty views and sunsets with someone, but I actually like that those moments are just mine.

It’s like I have these really cool magical moments that belong to just me, Zero, and the universe.

It’s just us and the awesomeness. Just my thoughts, perceptions, and expectations. I am the only one framing how that experience is going to be.

For example, when Z and I were in Caprock Canyon and went hiking, we stopped several times just to look, listen, and really connect with it all.

It was windy and I swear you could almost hear whispers in the wind of all the people that had lived in that area in the past. Sounds crazy, I know, but there really was something so amazing about it.

I don’t know if I would have experienced that had I been traveling with another person. They would have brought their own thoughts, perceptions, attitudes, ideas, etc to the situation and naturally, that would have changed the moment.

Another amazing moment happened in Eagle Nest, New Mexico. We were hiking and this really big hawk bird thing flew towards us. (Yeah, not real wise on my birds and animals…lol…I just know it was really big and wasn’t a buzzard). Whatever this thing was, it was so close and so pretty and it flew around for a while.

As it did, I stood there watching it. Z was laying down, chilling so she was good. So it was just me watching this bird for like five minutes.

It was just me watching this bird.

Something so simple but with nobody else there talking or wanting to go or adding their own two cents in; it was just me and Z and the bird…and it was kinda awesome.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I think it can still be fun traveling with another person. I mean, sometimes it’s nice to have those shared experiences with another human.

But on the flip side I am so beyond happy I have the opportunity to see what it’s like going it alone. I truly love it and would suggest everyone do it at least once.

Besides learning about yourself and seeing what you are really capable of, you see the world in such a “pure” view because it’s just your thoughts, perceptions, attitude, etc.

It’s just you and your world.

And it’s pretty much amazing.


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