Follow Your Heart; Follow Your Path

So I am scrolling IG, like ya do, and came across an announcement from one of the accounts I follow.

The account is a girl and her boyfriend who have been traveling the U.S. in an old RV for about a year and a half.

Her feed is full of breathtaking pictures with her and her boyfriend in cool places, just “living the dream”.

And then she dropped a bombshell…

She announced that she is taking a break from the road and wants to settle again.

She writes that she was tired and felt like she was “coexisting with herself instead of thriving by my choice of living this way. I was anxious, numb in ways and simply tired”.

It’s kinda crazy because I remember when their journey first started. She was one of the first accounts I followed of people having this crazy idea and hitting the road.

I have enjoyed watching her journey and am really happy she is following her heart again now, even if it means changing courses.

That’s what life is about. It’s about trying, growing, learning, exploring…figuring out what you like, who you really are, what gifts you have and how to share everything you learn to make the world a better place.

Life learning quote

It’s okay if you try something and then realize you want something else.

Sometimes it takes going down one road to realize the road you were already on is where you want to be.

When I first had this idea of quitting my job and traveling, I had ideas of being on the road for months at a time before I would head back to Waco to see my mom and my kid.

That idea quickly changed when my son had his motorcycle accident the first or second time I came back. I ended up stayed in Waco longer than expected because I wanted to make sure he was all taken care of. (Even though he’s 21-yrs old, he will always be my little honey bunny).

Since then, Zero and I have traveled many more times and still enjoy coming back every couple weeks…its not what I had imagined, but better.

Life learning quote

The point is: you do you. Live your life the way you want to.

Don’t worry if what you want doesn’t fit into someone else’s idea of what life should look like.

It’s not their life- it’s yours.

Life quote

Don’t be afraid to try something and then realize it’s not what you want after-all.

That’s not failing. That’s growing.

Failing is not trying at all.

So go for it. Live life.

Let your heart be your guide and find what path works best for you.


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