All Things in Moderation; Especially Social Media

So, I have a problem. I have become way to dependent on social media. Yep. It’s true.

It seems if I have free time I just whip out my phone (well, who am I kidding…don’t need to whip it out when it’s never put away) and I scroll.

I read posts that talk about the most ridiculous things like “what is your fairy name”, “spell your name with no vowels and let’s guess what it is”, or drop the 3rd pic from your phone’….

Yet, I continue to stay and to scroll.

I come across political articles/ headlines and then read the comments to see what others think of the situation.

When the comments don’t agree with my way of thinking I feel myself getting angry, annoyed, and frustrated. I start to type a reply but end up deleting it because I know instead of starting a civil debate, it will start name calling and hate.

I decide to hop on over to another social media channel and what do I see? Much of the same but this time there are perfectly composed pictures included.

Pictures of people doing one of a few standard poses with perfect props, set in the perfect spot, with perfect lighting…

Nothing against these perfect people in their perfect photos…that takes a lot of time and energy and it’s hard work. They do a great job and should be proud. It’s just that I am getting burned out on perfect.

Lately, I have noticed something… the more time I spend on social media throughout the day, the less “balanced” and happy I seem.

It seems when I scroll and go down that rabbit hole, my thoughts and energy shift… and it always seems like it shifts to the negative. I have never gotten off from scrolling social media and thought, “man, I feel energized and so centered”.

What’s awesome about all of this though, is that I have a choice.

I have a choice to “hop on” social media or do something else.

So, today starts the something else.

I have been playing around with this plan for the past few days and I can tell I feel better throughout the day. I am shifting my energy and focus into the real world…not the digital one.

So this has been my plan…

I’ve limited myself to social media to three times a day. So 10-15 min in the morning, and same for the afternoon and evening.

This includes scrolling randomly, posting pictures myself, replying to messages, etc.

The rest of the day, I’m in the real world and my phone is put away.

And if I find myself reaching for my phone because I’m stuck in a line or just have some time to kill…

Well, there’s an app for that. 😀

I found an app called Duolingo so instead of wasting time learning people’s fairy names, I use it to learn Japanese.

I have wanted to learn Japanese for a while (well, that and Mandarin, Italian and more) so this is a way better use of my time.

(Totally not sponsored or anything by the app- just really like it)

So yeah, that’s about where I am right now. Noticed I am spending waaay too much time (and becoming a little addicted) to the whole social media world so turning that around now.

I’ll still post and use it to catch up with friends, etc, but as far as using it for something to do when I’m bored; no more. I’ve got better things to do with my time. 😀

I’d love to know your thoughts. How do you do with social media? Are you able to limit it or do you pop on and off all day like I was doing?

9 thoughts on “All Things in Moderation; Especially Social Media

  1. Tina

    Good morning Yes I’m sitting here with my coffee and my dog looking at social media . Right when I get up in the morning I should be putting my music on getting ready for my day . I have come to realize People put the best on Facebook If you are not in a good spot yes it does hurt us Or if you’re not invited to an event And people post their pictures . I think it started out a really good fun 10 years ago But I think the world has just changed and so have people . I think it’s a good thing to limit it Thank you so much for making me think about it . Have a blessed day ♥️


    1. Hey! I think you’re right that back in the day, it was as a cool idea and fun, but yeah, it’s evolved into just kinda a weird thing… lol. I still like it to catch up and connect with people (like we’re doing now lol) but for sure limiting is a good thing. Thanks for your comment!! Have an awesome day!!! 😀


  2. Broke up with Facebook years ago, slowly broke up with Twitter, though I still pop on from time to time. I still do Instagram, but not every day, and mostly it’s landscapes. I used a Chrome extension earlier this year that I limited myself to less than an hour a day. It got to the point where I didn’t even use the whole hour.

    Real life is so much better. I agree.


      1. It felt very freeing. I think it has its place, but when it becomes overwhelming as you’ve described, it’s no longer just a useful tool. It’s addictive — they design it that way!


  3. tassebentson

    I agree 100%! Beautiful, beautiful post. Last week I made the decision that instead of chasing goals, which seem like too much work at this time in my life, I’m chasing wonder. Taking a photoadventure with my camera and finding beauty in a fallen leaf, a sign, a snowflake. Reading a great book and drinking a cup of tea, instead of scrolling social media. I’m in, lady. Thanks for the post!


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