“Thankful” Just Doesn’t Even Convey the Magnitude of What I Feel

Hey guys! So I’ve been a little M. I. A. on here lately so wanted to give an update on why.

Dylan, my kiddo, was in a really bad motorcycle accident a few weeks ago. He’s alive and okay but sustained a broken femur that they had to operate on.

He will have a very long road to recovery but, like I told him, at least he’s alive to be on that road! It could have been so much worse. He really is lucky.

So what happened?

Well, it started on November 16th. At 11:34pm that night I woke to my phone ringing. It was his girlfriend calling me.

I knew as soon as I saw her name on my phone it had something to do with Dylan and his bike.

I answer and she says words no mom ever wants to hear,”Dylan’s been in a wreck, his friend just called me, the ambulance is there and they are taking him to Hillcrest”.

Me, my mom and Dylan’s girlfriend waited in the emergency room for what seemed to be forever before they would let us go back to see him.

We were finally allowed to see him, just two people, so my mom and I went. I walked into the room and …wow…that was hard.

His motorcycle gear that they had to cut off of him was laying on the ground beside the bed he was in; tattered, torn and bloody. He had a neck brace on and was hooked up to a million different machines.

Motorcycle accident

He was conscious and kept asking for water. (He wasn’t allowed any in case he had to go into surgery).

He was able to visit with me and my mom for a few minutes, then he asked to see his girlfriend, Kayla, so she came back.

The nurses told me he had a broken femur and that they are waiting for the results from the other scans to see if there is any brain , neck, etc damage.

About twenty minutes later they inform us that the scans came back good and there are no other injuries besides the broken femur. And for that, he will be going into surgery first thing in the morning (about 8:00am).

Dylan at this point is starting to get nauseous and begins throwing up.

The shock and adrenaline of everything starts wearing off and the pain in his leg starts to intensify.

He’s still asking for water or ice but is still told no.

The nurses give him some medicine and he is moved into a room in the hospital.

It’s about 4:30am at this point and his surgery is in just a few hours.

The next morning they wheel him into surgery; it takes about an hour and a half.

The doctor comes out and says the surgery went well and he expects a good outcome since the break was clean and Dylan is young and healthy.

He also told me he found fragments of Dylan’s pants INSIDE his leg. It seems the bone went through Dylan’s skin and his gear.

Broken femur

After his surgery, he stayed in the hospital a few days and did physical therapy and learned to walk with a walker. They said he will walk with the walker for about six weeks and will have pain for a year. They said “about the year mark, that will become your new normal”.

So the road to recovery will be long, but like I said before, at least he’s alive to be ON that road.

He will be out of work for quite a few months and I know that will be tough on him finically and even more, I think, mentally. (He’s not one to just sit around).

He has his follow up appointment this Thursday and will be set up with outpatient physical therapy at that time.

I am so beyond thankful he will be okay. I really feel my brother was looking out for him because that wreck was bad.

He wasn’t even speeding or doing anything wrong. He was just driving down the street and a truck didn’t see him, cut him off making him hit a curb. Dylan flipped and rolled and his bike flipped and rolled. Luckily my kid is smart and always wears his helmet and full gear.

I am also so thankful I was not somewhere like New Mexico when I got that call. To be far away from him at a time like that would have killed me. I am so grateful I was here and close to him.

I’ll be staying in town for a pretty long while so I can help him and his girlfriend with whatever they need.

If you’d like to see more of what happened with the accident, you can go to Dylan’s page. It has details about the accident as well as more photos.

It’s also a GoFundMe Page so if you want to donate $5, I know Dylan and his gf would be beyond grateful. With him not being able to work for at least four months, things are going to get a little rough.

Moral of the story. Hug your kids and watch for motorcycles. Look once, look twice, then look again. And then hug your kid again ❤️