Coronavirus; The Bright Side

Okay, so a lot is going on with this whole coronavirus thing. The store shelves are looking a bit bare, people are nervous, and of course the great toilet paper shortage still continues.

Funny toilet paper meme

People all across the country are being told to “social distance” and stay home if at all possible.

It’s a weird time. A different time. We haven’t had to navigate through something like this before.

And while it can be a little weird and creepy, it’s also giving us something kinda cool…time.

With stores, schools, extracurricular activities, etc. closing for a while, we are forced to slow down. Where before we ran around from one thing to the next, now we have time.

We have time to slow down, and focus our attention on other things, such as our family, hobbies, passions, etc.

I see people on my social media who are drawing again after years of “not having time”. Others who are learning a new hobby such as sewing.

People are reading more books, laying in the sunshine, organizing their closets and getting rid of junk. I’ve seen more pictures of nature pop up on my feed as people are heading to open parks to hike and explore.

I’ve seen whole movements start like “Chalk Your Walk” where you get your kiddos and chalk and decorate your sidewalk/ driveway.

And I’ve seen neighborhoods start a “Neighborhood Bear Hunt” where if you have a teddy bear of some sort, you put it in a window in your house, then the kids try to find all the bears as you take a walk.

Teddy bear  in window
(Image credit claremoreprogress)

And then there’s the whole Christmas thing going on. People are putting up lights and their trees to bring them a little joy. The Hallmark channel is even running Christmas movies!

I guess my point is that, while this new way of living is all new and can be a little unnerving at times, there are some really cool things coming out of it.

People enjoy hobbies and passions they couldn’t before because they “didn’t have time”. Families cooking meals together in the kitchen and actually eating together. Parents teaching their kids not just school work, but life skills like laundry, cooking, gardening , etc.

I actually enjoy social media more now because my feed is full of people showing off their picture they painted, a big meal they cooked, a puzzle they put together with their family, a dress they made, a park they hiked, etc.

I have no idea when this virus thing will end, but once it does, I really hope we don’t get so lost and busy again in the “hustle and bustle” that we stop making time for our hobbies, passions, and our families.

Slow down quote

If anything good can come from this virus, I hope it helps show people what’s really important.

Stay safe and keep on rocking!

I’d love to know: What are you doing with your time? Have you started a new hobby? Picked up an old one? Comment and let me know ✌️

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