Shelter in Place; Day 1

Shelter in place

The order came yesterday. We are to “shelter in place” until April 7th.

The order states:

  • non-essential businesses in the county to close, residents to shelter in place, and sets limits on travel outside the home.
  • Residents may leave their homes only for essential activities such as trips to a grocery store, pharmacy or healthcare facility.
  • The order does not prohibit residents from walking, hiking, running or riding a bicycle, provided the social distancing requirement is observed.
  • Those who leave their homes for essential business should observe social distancing requirements.
  • Only one person per family can go to the grocery store at one time
  • Violators will be cited for class C misdemeanors.

So this is what the new normal is for a while. It’s really not that much different than what we were doing before.

The city had already closed all bars, gyms and restaurants. And many stores and shops were already starting to close.

This just makes it all more “official”.

Right now I am just super happy that we can go outside and go hiking. Not sure how long that will last, so I’m going to enjoy it while I can!

On a side note, my mom amd and I took once last trip to the grocery store together before the order set in (since we won’t be able to go at the same time from now on) and I was surprised to see how much food there was!

Food at grocery store

I was so excited when I saw my organic red delicious apples (oh, how I’ve missed them!) And cheese! And milk! I had taken all of that for granted before this all happened. Of course, still no toilet paper but hey, can’t have it all.

So, there ya have it. Not a long or particularly deep post, just a quick update to let ya know what’s happening here in central Texas with all this coronavirus stuff.

What’s going on in your area? Has your city declared a “shelter in place”?

4 thoughts on “Shelter in Place; Day 1

  1. Hiya. Greetings form Southampton UK. We are in the exactly the same situation as you from last night, except we can only go out once a day for exercise. For us that means walking Daisy, the Boxer, our priority. We are close to the New Forest, where she can have a good run. I nearly went into meltdown yesterday when they started about closing the Forest car parks, but it’s only the main ones. Thank Goodness.
    I only do my blog when we’re travelling, but maybe I should take it up again. This was all just to say, we’re in the same situation the World over, and we will get through it with kindness and positivity. Stay safe & well.


    1. So glad they are keeping the New Forest open for you guys!! Yeah, here it’s kinda hit or miss on what park is open…there are many state parks that are already closed. My plan is getting out to them as much as I can while I can!
      And yes, I think you should totally take up your blog again! I think it’s a great way to kinda document everything that’s happening and great therapy lol Have fun with Daisy and cheers to a great day!

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  2. We here in Germany are under a total lockdown since last Friday. It really takes getting used to. We can work from home and get paid, thankfully, but not being able to into town apart from medical emergencies and for needed groceries is kind of creepy. We have the woods behind the house and can go running, but it is hard being separated from neighbors and friends. We started to do videocalls with them in the evenings, we call it our “virtual wine” sessions.


    1. Thanks for sharing. Love your “virtual wine sessions!” Lol. That is nice you have some woods by your house! Nice to go and kinda get away from all the news and such. And by way, I’ve o my been to Germany once but would so rather be on lock down there than here. Lol. ✌️ Stay sage


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