You Can Only Control What You Can Control

——————————————————So before I get into this post, let me go ahead and address something now—-I’ve read comments on social media where people are annoyed with people going to parks, saying that isn’t right and they need to stay home, …blah blah blah.

My thoughts? Go to the park! As long as it’s open, and you are staying away from others (and there is PLENTY enough room to do that at a park), and you practice safe hygiene, then what’s the problem? Seems like now more than ever people need big blue skies to stare up into, colorful flowers to see and smell, sunshine to bask in and fresh air to breathe.

Nature heals. Nature restores. Nature reminds you to slow down and be present and nature tells you all will be okay. So, for me, I will continue going to parks as long as they are open. ———————————————-

So, as you might imagine after that little rant, Scout and I totally went to the park yesterday for our Day 1 Shelter in Place.

And it was amazing. We hiked two different trails, played by the water, then explored some more. (Scout was asleep within ten minutes of the drive home -tired pup=happy pup 😀).

It was just what we needed; Scout needed the adventure and I needed the stillness.

With all this craziness going on, it was so nice to get away from it all. No news headlines, no political posts, no hateful comments…just me, Scout, fresh air and the sunshine.

It reminded me that I can only control what I can control. It’s up to ME to make the best of the situation. With there being so much craziness right now, it can really overwhelm you if you let it.

We need to remember-we can’t control all the craziness but we CAN control how we deal with it; and I think there’s power in that.

Like it or not, our daily lives have changed/are changing…who knows for how long.

Instead of dreaming about when this is all over, and things “get back to normal”, shift your focus on what you can do now to make the best of it.

I guess it’s kinda like if two guys go to jail. One dude stays angry and blames others and the whole time he’s in there he just racks up more time due to fighting and stuff.

The other dude has a shift in his mindset and decides he wants to make the best of his time. Maybe he gets his GED or he decides he wants to start/organize a new program at the jail to help at risk teens.

Both guys are in the same place, surrounded by all the same things they can’t control; same rules, people, routine, etc.

The difference is the second guy is focusing on making his time better by focusing on what he can control.

So, while this is all going on, yes, we will need to be flexible and learn to adapt to this new way of living, but if we can let go of the things we can’t control and focus on what we can, I think we’ll be a little happier in the process.

You have the control.

You have the power.

Use it ✌️

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