The Sunshine Tribe

Because We Can All Use a Little “Happy” In Our Lives

Hey friends! I wanted to invite you to a Facebook group that I’ve created called “The Sunshine Tribe”. 

I decided to make this women only group because I feel we can all use a little extra support and connection right now. With this pandemic and the craziness that surrounds it, our lives are changing everyday as we navigate this “new normal”. 

(Also, I know I’m not alone in saying some extra accountability to not just binge watch Netflix and eat entire chocolate cakes would be good, right? )

Now, let me just say, I am not a life coach or expert of any sort. I don’t have all the answers and cannot give expert advise.

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But what I can do is create an awesome space for woman to connect, listen, lean on each other, motivate and inspire one another and help each other through these changing times. 

I can create a space where we can come together to make the most of this situation; where we can help each other come out a little stronger and better. 

What will the topics of the group be? 

While the main focus will be mental and physical wellness, we can discuss any and everything. I’ll have some “Topic Starters” that open up the conversation about struggles, fitness, good books/ movies, health, etc but this is a GROUP- so everyone is encouraged to post about what they need/want to discuss. 

Also, this will be a private group on Facebook meaning people can see the group and who’s in it, but not any of the posts-that way you can post more freely knowing all of Facebook isn’t reading it. 

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While it’s a private group, you are still more than welcome (and encouraged) to invite your female friends/ family to join in. The more the merrier! 

So, there ya have it. That’s what I have been working on and I really hope you’ll join in. I really feel kinda “called” to create this space and help make these times a little better in any way I can. ❤️

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Since  this is a Facebook group you will need a Facebook account to join. Simply click below to join.